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The University of Manchester can boast 25 Nobel Prize winners among its former staff and students.

Is MBS right for you?

East Asia Centre success stories


Bernard Wu, HK
Managing Director of Private Equity, Agricultural Bank of China

Apart from the programme itself, the most important benefit is having a network of classmates and other MBS alumni. This is the most important asset I gained from my MBA,” Bernard said. “It’s been very important for me to have relationships I wouldn’t have had through normal business contacts or socialising.”

The sacrifice and hard work was worth it, both for Bernard’s career and to enhance his business and social life. He meets former MBS classmates for tea, drinks or lunch several times a year. “We share with each other what we’re doing,” Bernard said, adding that such occasions are great opportunities to see if there are any good matches between jobs at companies where alumni work and qualified people looking for jobs.

Eric Chan, HK
General Manager, Hutchinson Global Communications

I was going through organisational changes at work and job changes while I was studying. Most of the subjects were very relevant to what was happening. I grabbed a couple of my friends, and the three of us enrolled in the programme. One of them is now a director of private banking at a major Swiss bank and the other a director at a leading U.S. technology firm.

The MBS connection brings more than prestige and a link to the academic world and other MBS alumni. It’s a chance share real‐life examples and experiences, for example with current MBS students. Even after you graduate, it’s always great that you get to update your management thinking and practices and get to hear from gurus from overseas and here in Hong Kong.

Gerhard Zielinski, Dutch
Chief Information Officer & Head of Strategic Planning, Quality Healthcare Medical Services (HK)

I choose Manchester Business School because of its very practical and case-based nature. At my company I’m actively involved in business transformation and change management and I’m looking for real world knowledge and experience that can help me in my daily work.

Ryan Gonsalves, UK
Head of Global Retail Banking and Wealth Management, HSBC (HK)

It was a very practical course. I was able to apply what I’d learnt from the course directly into my working life. For example, to support my MBA projects and assignments, i would arrange to meet the senior leaders at the bank. For an assignment topic on motivation i met the HR Director for HSBC Asia and when a question for marketing needed to be tackled I sat with the Marketing Proposition team to get a practical understanding of how they approach the problems in real life. The benefits gained from the programme will last throughout my career and I’ve recommended three people to do the course at Manchester.

Louise Ho, HK
Vice President, The Private Bank, JP Morgan Chase Bank

The programme has strengthened my management skills and helped my career advancement. I’ve used my previous company as a case study in my final project and was asked to present to the senior management. My final project has helped the company go through changes and I’ve got promotion during my study.

William Brady, Ireland
General Manager, Moog Inc

William has an engineering and project management background and has worked in Asia Pacific (Japan and Singapore) since 1994. He is currently the general manager of the Japan operations of Moog Inc, an American firm listed on the NYSE (

There are not so many MBA course options for people resident in Japan, but the Manchester MBA structure is very flexible and allowed me to balance my studies with busy work and family commitments. The course has certainly helped to broaden my knowledge of managerial issues, and has made me a more “well rounded” and reflective manager. It has helped to provide a theoretical context and “thinking framework” for many of the day-to-day managerial and business issues that I face.


Crystal Lee Seock Young, S.Korea
Regional Manager, BASF

MBS is a truly international business, and is well recognized by all important employers. My MBS degree will be an asset for me to find a good position when I move to Germany next year. I particularly like the networking opportunities at MBS. During my study, I got to know people from different countries and with different educational backgrounds.


Lisa O'Connor
Director, RMB Solutions Standard Chartered Bank

We are from US. Going to another centre for a workshop is a great learning experience. I went to Dubai to take an ethics course where I met students from the Middle East and Africa. In my workshop, I was assigned a case study on a recent ruling not to allow high court female judges in Egypt which was so foreign to me. This case study has broadened my exposure and thinking.


Chris Carlin
Commercial Manager, Thomson Reuters

The programme allowed me to visit other centres to study and I went together with my wife Lisa, who is also a fellow student, to Dubai. The students were of a high standard and it was good to hear other perspectives, especially from students in the other stream, Construction Management, and we were mixed with students of different backgrounds. I liked the workshop-based format and I could put what was studied to practice immediately.

Astor Chan, HK
Senior Director, Associate General Counsel, Ralph Lauren Asia Pacific

There are several reasons for choosing this Global MBA. Firstly, this is a global programme. Professors come from MBS’s U.K. headquarters to deliver trainings to students in the programme, they bring the global experience and vision to the students. Secondly, students with different nationalities join the programme, e.g. Korean, Japanese, American, European etc. This provides a great opportunity for students to exchange ideas from both the cultural and intellectual perspectives. Finally, the programme is flexible, this helps me to complete the programme in my busy work schedule.

As a lawyer, I may be more focused on the legal perspective. However, this programme has broadened my vision and thinking through the trainings in various management skills, such as in corporate finance, marketing, strategic management, etc. Furthermore, students are encouraged to think out of the box, which helped me to excel my skill to provide legal advice in a holistic approach, by giving strategic and practical advice.

  Alan Kwan, HK
Assistant Director, Product Strategy, Moody's Analytics HK Limited

The flexibility of the programme allowed me to take workshops from other centres such as Singapore, and it was a very fruitful experience to learn from another group of well diversified students.


Daniel Chu, HK
IT FP&A Lead, Asurion Japan, Tokyo

I travelled around the globe attending workshops and met a lot of people. This MBA helped me meet a bunch of people, who are interested in improving themselves, starting up businesses, and most of us are hungry for success - these are the common interests we shared which may lead to something in the future.

I chose MBS because I wanted to get something out of the intensive yet professional courses they provide. Amount of workload (assignments, workshops, exams) was reasonable, though not easy. You will make friends in workshops and group projects that make you feel that you are not alone. At the end of the day, I had so much fun.

Henry Mok, HK
Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary, Sparkle Roll Group Limited

As I was involved in corporate finance, merger and acquisition activities, I knew a general MBA degree from local universities was not something that could help him propel my career to the next level, but instead, an MBA degree from Manchester Business School was exactly what he needed as a global perspective was important not only to him personally, but also to the line of work I was involved in.

The simulations, projects and face-to-face sharing inherent in the Manchester method totally changed my working life. With my MBA, I now command a remuneration package 3 times greater than before.

Charles Nie, Australia
Head of E-Business, Bayer Material Science

Upon graduating from MBS, by putting into practice what I learnt from International Business Strategy and Strategic Management, I reached my next position as Head of E-Business – which focuses primarily on the digital transformation of the traditional B2B business model, a model my company has adopted.

Embarking on this academic journey at MBS is truly a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Throughout this journey, I encountered a diversity of people from different cultures and industries, all experts, in each and every module– enriching not only my personal knowledge, but also widening my horizons no end.

Jennifer, Zhu Scott, China
World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders Class of 2013
Founder and Managing Partner, Establish Asia
A strong feature of the Global MBA is how it builds your ability and gives me confidence lead conversations about business with senior colleagues. The course gives me the knowledge and perspective while also offering the opportunity to put it in to practice in real business situations.

The course trains me to run your life efficiently and in particular be tight on time management – essential when balancing a demanding career, young family and MBA. It has been an interesting transformation, as now I try to evaluate and prioritize more thoughtfully with everything I do in life.

Michael Chow, HK
Real Estate Manager, DHL (Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan)

By the time I was applying for MBA, I had almost acquired my chartership as an engineer and therefore I was looking for a new milestone to be reached. I aspired to be a generalist more than a specialist, so I was hoping to seek more management and commercial learning experience in order to take the next steps in my career.

This Global MBA is truly a platform that opens you up to a network of like-minded professionals; however its effectiveness will all be down to how devoted you are. To me, it is a tremendous opportunity to meet some great friends.

I have been to the Dubai, Shanghai and Manchester centres and I think the experience gained is amazing. The students’ diverse mix of industries and positions has actually contributed a lot to my experience.

David Morris, New Zealand, Japan
Sales Team Leader, Moog Aircraft Group (Japan)

I choose MBS because of its international exposure, which is one of the requirements of my current employer. The flexible schedule is perfect as I’m in a sales role with frequent domestic and international travels which can conflict with weekly lessons offered by most MBA programmes.