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Manchester Business School Worldwide is dedicated and experienced in media relations and PR, providing the latest news to our internal and external community.

We publicise corporate news as well as College stories, ranging from ground breaking research initiatives and case studies, to new appointments and stories on students' achievements.

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The Korean Economic Daily The Influence of Digital Transformation on Firms’ Business Models 11 July 2017
The Korean Economic Daily Organising disaster relief volunteers: how to be prepared 20 June 2017
The Korean Economic Daily Business and community linkage through sports stadiums? 23 May 2017
The Korean Economic Daily U.S. Border Adjustment Tax: unrealistic and un-American political populism 23 April 2017
The Korean Economic Daily The Unhealthy Obsession with Restructuring 13 December 2016
The Korean Economic Daily Corporate governance, sustainability and a new HRM management 14 November 2016  
The Korean Economic Dail Do Deutsche Bank and the European Investment Banks have a future? 11 October 2016
The Korean Economic Daily An Age of Learning? Instilling the right to learn at the heart of the organisation 20 September 2016
The Korean Economic Daily Offshore Finance, Financial Scandals and Contemporary Art: the 11th Gwangju Biennale 22 August 2016 
SCMP - EDUCATION POST After Brexit the UK's uncertain future as a new asset class for international investors 27 July 2016
The Korea Economic Daily  The Crisis at Oxy Reckitt Benckiser  24 May 2016
The Korea Economic Daily Economics of Brexit is based on fallacy: structural economic problems of the U.K. are British made 10 May 2016 
The Korea Economic Daily Global Economic Outlook in 2016 - learning to live with higher uncertainty 29 December 2015
The Korea Economic Daily Is the world economy ready for the US interest rate rise? 24 November 2015
The Standard Nobel laureate addresses - University of Manchester alumni 15 April 2016
MBS East Asia Spring 2016 Newsletter 1 March 2016
AMBS  Double success at the Hong Kong Education UK Alumni Awards  22 January 2016 
British Council  Hong Kong Education UK Alumni Awards - winners announced  22 January 2016 
SCMP - EDUCATION POST  MBA 'made in Manchester' offers managers a sharper business edge  17 Nov 2015 
The Standard MBS Marks 50 Years of Academic Excellence 15 October 2015
The Standard Congratulations to Manchester Global MBA Graduates of Year 2015 15 October 2015  
SCMP - EDUCATION POST Interdependency ebtween Chinese financial evolution and the U.S monetary policy requires new global financial governance by Ismail Erturk 15 October 2015
SCMP - EDUCATION POST Regional trade versus free trade: One step forward two steps back? (by Prof. Charles Schell) 22 August 2015
MBS East Asia Summer 2015 Newsletter 21 August 2015
Asian Banking & Finance Magazine National Australia Bank's Christy Tan dead set on enhancing the bank's Asia-focused research June 2015
The Standard Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence 3 June 2015  
The Standard MBS team won charity fund-raising challenge and broke world record 12 January 2015
SCMP - Education Post OSC Charity benefits from MBS know-how 3 November 2014
British Chamber of Commerce's Magazine 'Risky Business' written by Ismail Erturk 1 November 2014
SCMP/Education Post Forsaking the corporate world to help the needy 23 January 2015
MBS East Asia Centre Spring 2015 Newsletter 30 January 2015
ACCA Manchester Business School and ACCA Hong Kong sign Memorandum of Understanding 23 January 2015
SCMP/Education Post MBS Alumni Association China: AGM and Annual Dinner 14 November 2014
The Standard New Centre signifies an exciting new chapter 22 October 2014
SCMP/EducationPost Unleash the femail factor to let business boom (Prof. Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice Chancellor of The University of Manchester comments on women in leadership) 18 October 2014
The Standard Developing global leadership traits (Congratulatory messgae to 2014 graduates) 25 September 2014
SCMP  Sponsor going solo by Dr Leah Donlan 13 September 2014
SCMP Education Post  Now you've taken up the Ice Bucket Challenge, what's next? 12 September 2014
SCMP Education Post Adidas 'Red Devils' kit deal scores win-win triumph by Dr Leah Donlan 27 August 2014
SCMP Education Post MBA blog - Enrol at your own risk? 12 August 1014
MBS East Asia Centre MBS East Asia Centre Newsletter (Summer 2014) 1 August 2014
SCMP Education Post MBA in non-profit organisation management  11 June 2014
SCMP Education Post Is this the right time for an MBA? 25 June 2014
MBS East Asia Centre MBS East Asia Centre Newsletter (Spring 2014) 1 February 2014
SCMP - Education Post - Corporate Social Responsibility 2014 MBS stresses importance of social responsibility 21 May 2014
SCMP A global mindset - Major business is international and so are the MBS programmes 10 March 2014
Education Post Talking to the top: Manchester Business School's Nigel Banister 7 March 2014
The Standard Global MBA courses groom reflective practitioners 25 February 2014
SCMP Education Post Highlighting family-friendly concept in Christmas charity events 18 November 2013
SCMP Education Post MBS Alumni Annual Dinner 2013 5 October 2013
SCMP Education Post What does 'Game Theory' mean to business? 5 October 2013
SCMP Education Post 'Live' cases train students to combat obscure problems 19 September 2013
SCMP Education Post A winning choice for extending international reach 17 September 2013
MBS East Asia Centre MBS Newsletter Summer 2013
SCMP Education Post Shifting into innovative learning era 6 September 2013
SCMP Education Post Creativity makes the difference 13 August 2013
European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong Roundtable breakfast discussion (chaired by Ismail Erturk)  7 August 2013
MBS News MBS alumna selected for World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders Class of 2013 22 March 2013
SCMP Education Post 'Manchester Method’ for corporate titans 2 February 2013
The Standard Spreading a single and global vision in an interconnected world 29 January 2013
South China Morning Post  Postgraduate Degree Special Report - interview with Xavier Durran 11 January 2013
South China Morning Post Part-time studies shine - interview with Nigel Banister 11 January 2013
The Standard A global business powerhouse - congratulations to our 2012 MBA graduates 30 October 2012
Education Post Part-time paves the way up (Interview with Nigel Banister) 10 September 2012
Education Post MBA Roundtable - How can an MBA make you more effective 24 August 2012
The Wall Street Journal / South China Morning Post 20th Anniversary of Manchester Business School in Asia MBS Business Summit 2012 June 2012
Hong Kong Economic Times 20th Anniversary of Manchester Business School in Asia MBS Business Summit 2012 June 2012
MBS East Asia Centre MBS Newsletter Spring 2012

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